What Causes Left Back & Shoulder Pain?

Left Back & Shoulder Pain can appear out of nowhere, but the worst part is that it can be rather unbearable most of the time. So, if this type of pain appears, you have to do all in your power to get rid of it. But you first need to figure out what causes the pain so that you can avoid it in the longer term.


If you got injured recently, this might be one of the primary causes behind your Left Back & Shoulder Pain. Injuries in this area don’t heal very fast. That’s why you will experience quite a lot of pain in the Left Back & Shoulder area. It’s important to complete your treatment and stick to the doctor’s instructions so you can get the best results.

Muscle strains

When you stretch your muscles behind your limits, the muscle fibers will tear a little bit. If you continue to do this, you will end up dealing with injuries and that’s the thing you want to avoid. The same thing happens when you deal with direct trauma to the shoulder. In the end, both of these muscle strain types can lead to bruising, soreness, redness and inflammation. The thing you can do is to massage that area and use some heat therapy to get the best results.


People that suffer from arthritis are prone to Left Back & Shoulder Pain. The reason is simple, the padding between bones is failing, and this means the entire body structure will be affected. The body will need to find a new balance here, and doing that will require some changes. As a result, you will encounter Left Back & Shoulder Pain as well, among other problems.


Metastasis or primary cancer can affect this region too. So, it can lead to Left Back & Shoulder Pain, but this is a very rare condition. Still, it does happen from time to time, which means that you have to consider it as one of the causes for this pain.

Joint sprains

You will notice that the joint sprains are some of the most common causes behind Left Back & Shoulder Pain. Most of the time, it’s the spinal bones that get affected by wear and tear or any kind of damage. This is also where the ribs attach to your spine. When sprains appear, the pain caused by these will be very sharp, and it will be similar to stabbing. Obviously, you have to do all you can in order to try and eliminate this type of pain.

Heart attacks

Again, this is a rare cause for Left Back & Shoulder Pain, but it does appear in the case of some people. We recommend you to talk with a doctor in case you suffered from a heart attack and felt this type of pain. It may show that you have some other complications as well.

In the end, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of causes behind Left Back & Shoulder Pain. Assessing the situation is very important, and that’s why working with a medical professional is very important. This is the best way you can stay safe and avoid any complications!