What Are The Risk Factors For Back Pain?

Are you feeling more and more back pain? Then you have to identify the reasons behind this pain and how you can deal with it as fast as possible. As you can imagine, the Risk Factors For Back Pain vary from one person to the other. However, there are some things which stand out as the major causes for back pain in both men and women.


While not everyone knows this, it’s safe to say that smoking can lead to back pain. Smoking will end up damaging the vascular structures in joints and discs. As a result, you end up with back pain, and this gets even worse the more you smoke. This is one of the most challenging Risk Factors For Back Pain, especially since a lot of people ignore its existence.


The pregnancy period does come with various changes to your body. Your spinal cord will be affected, and that can lead to back pain. While this is not exactly a risk factor, it has a huge impact on your spinal cord, and it does lead to lots of back pain.

Bad posture

If you sit in your bed or at the office hours at a time and you don’t work out, then you can deal with back pain. You end up developing a bad posture, and that’s one of the major Risk Factors For Back Pain. However, dealing with a bad posture is doable, although you have to make some lifestyle changes.

Extra weight

If you’re overweight, you are bound to deal with back pain issues. The problem here is that the extra weight will add more stress to your back. This is one of the Risk Factors For Back Pain which appear out of nowhere. And the worst part is that you can’t really deal with it unless you start losing weight.

A sedentary lifestyle

A regular lifestyle involves eating healthily and working out. If you are more of a sedentary person, then you are bound to have back pain. That’s quite problematic at first, but it can get better if you improve your lifestyle and focus on going out and walking or working out a lot more.

Occupational hazards

Each job comes with its Risk Factors For Back Pain. Programmers sit a lot in the chair, construction workers have to bend their spine and lift, etc. All these occupational hazards can lead to back pain in the long run. After all, you have to do them repeatedly, and these can lead to quite the problem in the long run.

Aging and genetics

Genetics can bring in back pain, not to mention that your body does become more sensitive as you age too. So, you are bound to encounter back pain as you go over 30-40 years of age.

Understanding these Risk Factors For Back Pain is very important, but so is preventing them. While you can’t deal with aging and genetics, an active lifestyle and a life without any vices can help you a lot. As long as you are focused on dealing with the back pain and eliminating from your life, results can be quite impressive!