How to Treat Sudden BackPain

Many of us have been afflicted with sudden back pain many times throughout our lives. Maybe you have an old sports injury that crops up every once in a while, or maybe have something more severe that causes your back to go out. Maybe you just helped your neighbor move last week and through your back out! Whatever the cause and whatever the reason one thing is for sure… it’s a real pain in the neck, err, back!

In this article today, I want to talk about several things you can do to help ease back pain without having to run the hospital or the emergency room whenever it happens. For the most part back pain is usually caused by muscle strains which means that if you act quickly you can recover fairly quickly, if you don’t act quickly you can end up spending days in bed, sometimes even weeks in under the worst of circumstances.

The first thing you should do is take aspirin or ibuprofen right away. Aspirin and ibuprofen will generally block the action of prostaglandins which are chemicals in the body that cause inflammation during an injury.

One thing I should mention right off the bat is that if your back pain is associated with a fever or some other sort of illness like that then you should immediately seek medical help from a doctor because then we’re talking about something different than simple inflammation.

Another good thing to do is to apply a cold pack or even ice cubes wrapped in a cloth for about 20 minutes to your back. You should do this again and again throughout the day every few hours. I like to use an oversized bag of frozen vegetables such as green beans or peas because the bag can be molded around your back more comfortably.

People often get confused and wonder whether or not to use hot or cold compressions but you definitely want cold because it will constrict blood vessels and help stop the swelling which is basically what we want to happen. Be sure not to apply heat right after the back injury because it can increase swelling.

After 24 hours it may be okay to apply a little heat because in certain circumstances that heat can help stop muscle spasms and cause you to relax a little overall.

Finally I would like to mention that persistent back pain in older people such as the elderly should really be checked as soon as possible by a doctor because it could be a symptom of a more serious medical problem and really the only way to know for sure is to have yourself checked out by a doctor.

So there you have several ways to treat sudden back pain at home without needing to rush off to the hospital. Hopefully these do’s and don’ts will be helpful to you and help ease a little bit of your pain.

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