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Email 1
Subject : Thank you so much
Thanks for subscribing to our website, we are so glad you will be getting valuable information
Do you realize that at some point you will have to deal with lower back pain?

And the fact that it is usually caused by injury, strain, and physical activities?

It is often believed that if you frequently deal with symptoms a like lower back pain and you did not visit a chiropractor for help then you may not get an effective treatment option

That may not be totally false but what If I teach you how to get an effective treatment without a chiropractor’s help

Another major advantage of receiving our help through reading this ebook is that they are a completely drug-free path to healing

You will simply get a natural healing that helps you alleviate this back pain
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Email 2
Subject line: This may be the cause of your lower back pain
Hello (First NAME )

Whenever you are trying to determine if what you are experiencing is a lower back pain, It is usually great to consider factors like
• Social background: A vivid example of this is your family history
• Medical history which explains injuries history, the presence of motor palsy
Here is why
The causes of lower back pain are diverse, we have some categories such as Non-specific low back pain, radicular pain and pain due to a spinal lesion
The pain may be constant, intermittent or only occur with certain positions or activities.
An injury may also allow pain to travel to other areas or radiate and it could also be a referred pain
You will also find out that if you are young or in the middle age group living a daily life full of activities
Trying to accomplish basic tasks every day in order to thrive may seem harder and more difficult
It simply means you are more prone to lower back pain
Some other causes are from poor posture, ligament sprain, muscle strain etc
To get relieved quickly will mean you have to avoid some of the causes of lower back pain
Do you want to read more about the causes of lower back pain to know how well to avoid it?
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Email 3
Subject: Be on the lookout for this when having lower back pain

I was telling you in my last e-mail about the lower back pain and the possible causes
Take for example if you have a severe ache in your lower back after a particular activity or you suddenly feel a movement (more like a sudden twist in you)
What could have caused it?
A back muscle or a ligament strain
Another example is Sciatica which is an ongoing and more severe back pain that travels to your buttocks, leg or feet
And the possible causes is herniated disc-a nerve root in your lower sine could be compressed causing you pain and numbness
One more, the chronic lower back pain that gets worse with moving into certain position may be caused by degenerative disc disease causing instability, inflammation and muscle spasms.
Also consider mental, emotional, financial stress, these could lead to pain\
But in spite of all these pain, you can get relieved by also doing some certain activities
Do you want to know more

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Email 4
Subject line: Do these things to get relieved from your lower back pain

Due to a lot of activities you partake in, you are probably going through or going to go through lots of pain
We are very much concerned about your health.
We care about you and understand whatever you may be passing through.
Therefore, we will be giving you some guides on how to relieve your back pain without external human or professional help.
Below are the different kind of activities you can partake in, to improve your system and heal any lower back pain you may be experiencing
Exercises and stretches: Adding bottom to heel stretch during workout routine can lead you to a better health
Low-impact aerobic exercise also relieves you of lower back pain because it releases endorphins and also delivers more blood to the affected area for healing. It includes walking either on a treadmill or outdoors, rowing and swimming.
Getting the best sleeping position can heal you and not just that, you must use the right pillow and mattress.
It is also worthy of note that whichever position you take, you must align yourself. Proper alignment of the ear shoulder and hips.
In case there is any gap between you and the bed, make use of your pillow to fill the gap
I have outlined them in details and you can access it (here)

Talk to you soon
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Email 5:

Subject line: Can Massaging help? Find out here


Having a lower back pain as a result of stress that comes from daily activities is a bad experience

But another of getting substantial healing and relief without having to use the service of a chiropractor is through Massaging

Massage can loosen and help to realign tight and strained muscles

kindly see your doctor and ensure he agrees that massaging won’t interrupt with any ongoing therapy

You know basically, Massage is non-invasive and considered a very low risk for most people

It is very helpful for both acute and chronic lower back pain problem

Different massaging techniques can be applied to ease your lower back pain

• The use of massage oil

• The Petrissage techniques

• Use of percussive stroke

• Muscle lifting techniques

• Use of fanning technique

• Applying Twists

Getting a massage chair can be a great advantage to the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the lower back.

The massage chair helps to loosen and relax these tight muscles.

Another thrilling experience with a massage chair is that most incorporate Mp3 player where you play, soft soothing music

If you want to Opt for the massage chair then it is quite important to know the price of the chair

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