Hemophilia and Back Pain

Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder, which is inherited. Hemophilia disorders include Hemophilia A, which is the common disorder that emerges from deficiencies. Hemophilia B also emerges from deficiencies. The disorder causes back pain, spontaneous GI bleeding, large spreads of bruising, bleeding joints, muscles, soft tissues, etc. Pain of the joints, swelling, and limited range of

Gouty and Back Pain

Gouty arthritis causes back pain, since it affects the joints. Gouty arthritis is a joint disease, which inflammation causes deposits of uric (Acid in the urine) acid crystals. The acids are slightly soluble, which are present in blood and urine. The acids are produced by breakdowns of body waste known as nitrogenous matters, or substances.

Acupuncture for Back Pain

Alternative medicines, herbal medicines, Natural fruit extracts, acupuncture, and ancient methods of treatments are among the craze of today’s generation. Many have witnessed firsthand the positive effects of ancient and natural methods of treatment. One of the particular method that is sought after and highly encouraged by many is acupuncture. Eliminating the cause of the